Have you found yourself in the situation where you need to buy a computer but you are not sure what specifications are needed: memory, speed, brand…?.

The price approach Is not the right one as the price of a computer is not a guarantee of satisfaction of your business need. …, we understand your frustration in situations like that, that’s why one of our goals is to open your eyes on all possibilities when it comes to buying technology hardware. Give us a call, let us help you make the right decision.

I.T. Consulting Service Chart:

  • Design your logo and letter heads
  • Phone assistance to operate software, and accomplish tasks on the computer.
  • E-Help desk (Online Assistance)
  • Analysis of your business work flow for future I.T. Solutions implementation
  • Assistance in the prospecting for an appropriate I.T. Solution for your needs (example: We will help you search the market for software that is most appropriate for your business management and give you more possibilities so you can make your decision in all confidence)
  • We will help plan your network, workstations; servers… in one word all your hardware implementation.