When we talk about Networks, we talk about multiple computers communicating with each other thru wired or wireless network. We can help you plan, setup, administer your network, install firewalls hardware and software to protect it from outside threats, install and manage routers to share, manage access to the internet for you, we mean to provide you with all your networking needs.

Networks service chart:

  • Plan new implementation, or rearrangement of existing networks
  • Network installation : wiring
  • Troubleshoot network problems
  • Install secure remote connection to your office for you and allowed personnel as a solution for the”On-The-GO” people.

Routers and firewalls:

The security of your network is a priority, we make it ours too, that is why we will advise you if requested of the best security solutions we know from experience to safeguard your system.

We will:

  • Routers: Installation and configuration or reconfiguration
  • Firewalls : Installation and configuration or reconfiguration